Earth Over Wind (2014)

A newly separated couple fight about who should take care of their 10-year-old son. A man desperately hunts for someone to share his life with. A young woman fights for her mother's attention. In a unique and absurd way these stories tie together.

Original title: Jord over vind
English title: Earth Over Wind
Duration: 40 min
Release Date: 2013

Written and directed by: Joern Utkilen
Produced by:  Isak Eymundsson
Cinematography: Martin Radich and Julian Schwanitz

Cast: Ole Johan Skjelbred-Knudsen, Heidi Goldmann, Maria Halseth and Anders Ravn-Nilsen

Lecce Film Fest 2015
La Cabina 2014

“Premio Cineclub” - Lecce Film Fest 2015
“Best Art Direction” - La Cabina 2014