Match (2018)

Stian is a 20-something guy with twenty-something guy problems. The only thing different about him is the two sports commentators giving a running commentary on every aspect of his life. He can’t see them but they can see him, and they are more than happy to chat tactics, performance and foul-ups the second Stian faces a challenge.

Title: Match
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 20x14 min (S01 + S02)
Produced for: NRK
Release: 2018

Showrunner: Martin Lund
Directed by: Martin Lund and Liv Karin Dahlstrøm
Written by: Martin Lund and Thorkild Schrumpf
Produced by: Ruben Thorkildsen and Fredrik Støbakk
Cinematography:  Audun Magnæs and Morten Forsberg

Cast: Herbert Nordrum, Fredrik Steen, Martin Lund, Eline Grødal, Nader Khademi