Statement Too is a documentary about cult-musician Arvid Sletta - an artist at the outer edge of the musical landscape; uknown for the many, but loved by the few. Since his album debut Statement in 1990 Sletta has been ignored or made a fool of. At the same time he has alwas had a core of loyal fans who celebrate his unpolished, unique and personal expressions. One of them is film maker Joern Utkilen. In Statement Too he follows Sletta in the making of his tenth album, while he also explores his own fascination for Sletta's music.

Title: Statement Too
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 37 min
Release date: January 2016

Directed by: Joern Utkilen
Written by: Joern Utkilen
Producer: Isak Eymundsson
Cinematography: Joern Utkilen