110% Honest (2019)

In 110% Honest we meet former pro cyclist Kim Karlsen (39) just moments before she holds a press conference admitting use of performance enhancing drugs in her career. This dark comedy takes us behind the scenes of a doping scandal as it starts rolling, and observes how Kim tackles her fall from grace. Rather than accepting the consequences of her actions, our antiheroine sticks to her guns and refuses to alter her mindset. The film chronicles the ups and downs of Kim’s annus horribilis.  

Original title: Hjelperytteren
English Title: 110% Honest
Genre: Black Comedy
Duration: 83 min
Release Date: 2019

Written and directed by: Jannicke Systad Jacobsen
Produced by: Isak Eymundsson and Ruben Thorkildsen
Cinematography: Nils Bremdal-Vinell

Cast: Silje Salomonsen , Espen Klouman Høiner, Kjersti Tveterås and Agnes Kittelsen.