The Games (2013)

Stian (10) has two sports commentators in his life. They follow him through everyday struggles like talking to a girl he likes, faking sickness to stay home from school or cheating on a math test. They comment his actions like it was a sports event.

Original Title: Kampen
English Title: The Games
Genre: Comedy for Children
Episodes: 26 x 7 min (S01 + S02)
Produced for: NRK Super
Release: 2013

Showrunner: Martin Lund
Directed by: Martin Lund, Liv Karin Dahlstrøm, Charlotte Blom, Kristoffer Carlin and Johanne Helgeland. 
Written by: Martin Lund, Thorkild Schrumpf and more
Produced by: Ruben Thorkildsen and Isak Eymundsson
Cinematography: Morten Forsberg and Audun Gjelsvik Magnæs

Cast: Jonas Tidemann, Asbjørn Myhre, Martin Lund, Kristin Skogheim and Terje Ranes

Best fiction 7 – 11, Prix Jeunesse 2014, 
3rd place of The Childrens Jury, Prix Jeunesse 2014