The Sunlit Night (2019)

Summer is off to a terrible start for Frances (Jenny Slate). Her art project fails, her boyfriend unceremoniously kicks her out of his Hamptons home, and, to top it all off, her younger sister reveals she’s engaged just moments before her parents announce their separation. Out of a mixture of panic and frustration, Frances hastily takes an opening for an art residency in Norway and heads off to an isolated island where the sun never sets.

Buyer’s remorse kicks in when she meets the cantankerous Norwegian artist she’ll have to spend nearly all her time painting a barn with. But even as this strange man and the town’s relentlessly bright light keep her up at night, Frances finds herself falling for its surreal Viking landscape and, in particular, for a cute, mournful Russian American drifter (Alex Sharp).

Original title: The Sunlit Night
Genre: Drama
Duration: 106 min
Release Date: 2019

Directed by: David Wnendt
Screenwriter: Rebecca Dinerstein
Production company: Beachside Films
Co-Production: Ape&Bjørn
Produced by: Michael B. Clark, Alex Turtletaub, Gabrielle Nadig, Jenny Slate, Fabian Gasmia and Ruben Thorkildsen
Cinematography: Martin Ahlgren

Cast: Jenny Slate, Zach Galifianakis, Alex Sharp, Gillian Anderson, Fridtjov Såheim and David Paymer

SLN still w laurels.jpeg